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An investor is a person that invest capital with the expectation of a future financial return , but we invest more than just capital , we invest our time and hardwork for the establishment and growth of your business and we expect not only financial return but a healthy and long term relationship with our business partners . We are working to build a future where everyone can access financial support efficiently and sustainably. Our work is based on passion, on our unique strengths and skills, on the quality of our partners and in recognising that diversity across all aspects of our operations and organisation is something to be cherished. We believe in the value of long term partnerships with the companies we invest in, as we continue to grow with them through our business solutions and strategies.

Started from the bottom as a small time venture now we are at the pinnacle of success and when we look back it is trust of the customers and our constant hardwork is our foundation and continuing to break the barriers with the support of the companies we invested in and our well-known reputation among customers. Amur Enterprise is still the small time venture by heart still we are dreaming about a better feature, still we are working tirelessly to making the dream true.

Top Management

Ashish Narang, Founder

As the founder of Amur Enterprise, Ashish Narang is the patron of many businesses, he started as an investor and his ability to understand business makes him a pioneer in investment, he is an accomplished consultant with experience in marketing and this experience is incorporated into Amur Enterprise. He has an MBA and also holds a degree from DARDEN School of business, USA which makes him well versed in business management and when he is not upholding businesses, he loves to travel and he is an avid food enthusiast and he is determined to start a fine dining restaurant in near future.

Rajesh S Senguttuvan, Co-Founder

Rajesh Senguttuvan is an extremely positive, dedicated and experienced co-founder of Sri Amur Enterprise with over 14+ years of experience. He is an enthusiastic person, who knows how to achieve the goals. He accomplished many successful and big projects with his expertise in Sales and Marketing. He excels in telecom, finance and marketing convergence. Rajesh believes that four basic skills should be followed to get success; be driven by a deeper purpose, be a compassionate human being, have a passion for what you do, and it's all about hard work and ethics. Apart from business, Rajesh is passionate about exploring new places, people from different cultures by travelling to different localities. He is also a bike rider who enjoys bike riding in his leisure time.

Our Partner

7 Stones Digital

7 Stones Digital is a professional Online Marketing Company, dedicated to enrich your digital experiences. We assist you to attract new customers to your website and refurbish your brand image.

We are full-service and performance oriented digital agency designed for todays ever evolving complex marketing landscape, we don’t fabricate success instead we commend triumph, just hand over your online business dreams & goals to us and watch the magic of 7 Stones Digital unveil as we use our Supreme groundwork and impactful strategies to make your business shine among plethora of other businesses.

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